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Month: October 2015

On the Taunton River, Brown researchers pursuing future of tidal energy.

Providence Journal

ABOARD THE ORCA — On a converted pleasure cruiser in the middle of the Taunton River, engineers at Brown University are testing a device that they are betting on to transform how the flow of water can be harnessed to produce electricity.

Suspended below the hull of a vessel that students found on Craigslist and christened the “Orca” — an homage to the trawler in “Jaws,” quips doctoral student Michael Miller — are posts fitted with sleek wings that move up and down as the boat cruises through the choppy waters, generating a constant stream of power.

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Capturing A River’s Energy With Wings

RI Public Radio

Humans have been harnessing energy from rivers for thousands of years. Think water wheels from Ancient Greece and modern hydropower plants, like the Hoover Dam. Brown University engineers have a new take on a hydropower device that could harness enough energy to power communities in remote locations or along fast-flowing rivers.

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